Writing with Style

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On the path to discovering your unique voice as a writer (your style), you need only be yourself. Your style is yours alone and cannot be forced, faked or based on imitation.

“Style is to forget all styles.”

— Jules Renard

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While finding your own style isn’t something you can force, that’s not to say it will come easily or quickly. It might take a great deal of practice before you finally say, “Ah-ha! This is the way I was meant to write.” Here’s what you can do to help speed things along:

Read, read, read. Just because your style shouldn’t be an imitation of someone else’s doesn’t mean you can’t find valuable inspiration in the writings of others. Reading the works of many different authors in many different genres can widen your view of what’s possible. You’re not looking for styles to copy; you’re simply expanding your horizons. Even if you’re not aware of it while reading, you’ll be gleaning inspiration, ideas and techniques that might steadily infiltrate your writing and eventually evolve into something entirely your own.

Write, write, write. The more you write, the easier it will be to find (and recognize) your voice. Only through trial and error will you discover what’s fun, natural and productive for you as a writer. Realizing your full potential can only come once you’ve put in the work. Once you reach a point where your skill level can keep up with your level of imagination, you’ll be close to creating a style that’s unique to you.
What’s unique about your writing style? 
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