Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

 Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Late last year, Writer’s Digest published a book by author and instructor Fred White entitled Where Do You Get Your Ideas?  The book’s premise is that finding ideas isn’t so hard, but finding good ideas and turning them into stories that are worthy of spending six months, a year, or even longer on takes some careful thought. White shows readers where to look for ideas, how to separate the good from the bad, and how to develop the former into something great.

For me, I’ve always found that with my best ideas, I feel as if there’s a purpose to the writing — that I’m always moving towards a predetermined ending that I can’t wait to get to. That helps me drive forward and finish. I find that when the ending is uncertain or “fuzzy around the edges,” my writing lacks focus and energy.

But that method is really just something that works for me. I know many folks who relish not knowing the outcome and enjoy letting their characters dictate the direction of the story and its ultimate outcome.

Fred White book giveawayWhat do you think?  What criteria do you use to determine what story is worth telling? Let me know below. If I get at least 10 responses, I’ll send one random respondent a copy of Fred White’s book.

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