News from a professional counselor and author: Dr. Mary Speed

Dr. Mary Speed has counseled families, couples and people in need for 16 years. Her book, Mixed Nuts, provides insight into her life as a therapist. And with Dr. Speed’s recent media attention, there’s no doubt that it provides answers for those with relationship questions. Let’s take a look at her expert advice.

On June 14 of this year, Dr. Speed discussed premarital counseling with Sonia Ramirez on Huffington Post Spanish. In an article that outlines how to be ready for marriage, Dr. Speed tells women to look for three things:

“You should feel affection, respect and desire to make the commitment of marriage. Sometimes women can have one or two of these feelings but not all three, and all three play a significant role in marriage.” *

And on June 16, when she wrote on the Huffington Post Weddings Blog to help women get ready for a happy marriage, she shared that a long-lasting marriage includes respect, reverence and responsibility.

Mixed Nuts by Dr. Mary SpeedOn July 9, the public divorce of celebrities Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise provided a platform for Dr. Speed to talk about reasons behind divorce. She described ways to keep a marriage healthy, such as keeping the relationship new and seeing the marriage from different perspectives.

Jane Glenn Haas of The Orange County Register wrote about elderly care giving on July 11. Dr. Speed shared some basics from her book:

“When you’re communicating with an aging parent, turn off background distractions such as the TV. Schedule medical appointments for the mornings. Plan an extra 30 minutes to your arrival and departure times.”

And August 1, she was spotlighted in Sophisticated Woman Magazine, Northshore New Orleans’s lifestyles magazine. Dr. Speed offered traveling advice:

“Keeping one’s emotions in check allows for a happier travel experience.”

We look forward to more news coming from this talented author. In the meantime, learn more about Mixed Nuts.

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