Celebrate Your Love of Writing This Valentine’s Day

The Love of Writing

It’s February 14th, and what better way to honor the day than to share what we love about writing? Following are a few quotes from the Writer’s Digest staff. If there’s something in particular that you love about writing, let us know in the comments section below!

I love how writing can make people laugh. We’re all different people in this world, but everyone loves a good chuckle, and humorous writing can bring people together with that smile.

Chuck Sambuchino, Editor, Writer’s Digest Books


I love that I can escape from my everyday life by creating new ideas and expressing my thoughts. Also, because I can’t legally force people to act out the scenes in my stories, I just put it on paper instead — and I love that.

Tiffany Luckey, Assistant Editor, Writer’s Digest Magazine


What I love most about writing is that it gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively, letting all my goofy ideas escape on to the page as I try to make sense of them all. It also gives me an excuse not to do the laundry. I really hate laundry.

Brian A. Klems, Online Editor of Writer’s Digest


Writing is like true love: It can be euphoric, it can be heartbreaking, it can be thrilling, it can be absurd. But it’s everything. And we have no choice but to do it. 

Zachary Petit, Senior Managing Editor, Writer’s Digest Magazine


I love writing for what it gives back — hours, days and years spent living multiple lives and experiencing countless adventures, even when away from the keyboard. It’s not so much a double life but as many lives as I can possibly fathom. It’s escapism, yes, but also a way to explore the real world through lenses other than my own, and I love every minute of it. 

James Duncan, Editor, Writer’s Digest Books


I love that writing has the power to transport me anywhere I choose at a moment’s notice (a major plus in the heart of winter!).

Jessica Strawser, Chief Editor, Writer’s Digest Magazine


I love the possibility of the blank page. I love that simple words can be woven into an arresting narrative, that seeds of potential can be sown from mere sentences. I love playing with the music of words and finding just the right combination to suit the mood, the tone, the character. I love crafting scenes, finding the perfect combination of words and nuance and suggestion to make them perfect, to give them power.

Rachel Randall, Editor, Writer’s Digest Books


I love that writing is always a collaboration.

Robert Brewer, Senior Editor, Writer’s Digest Books


Writing is miraculous. It’s like a best friend that you celebrate with when you’re happy, argue with when you’re tired, and grow closer to as you age. And, as best friends often do, Writing introduced me to my lovely wife. How’s that for a Valentine’s Day present?

Phil Sexton, Publisher, Writer’s Digest

So, let’s hear it. What do you love about writing?