Let’s Talk Getting Published

Hello there! I’m Phil Sexton, Publisher of Writer’s Digest. This new blog provides a space for us to talk about writing, self publishing, platform building and more. I’m hopeful that you’ll find insights and ideas for making your book the best it can be – and as successful as possible. 

I’ll be posting here as often as I can. You may also find posts from other Abbott Press or Writer’s Digest staff. It’s likely that our interests are similar – we’re all passionate about writing, with stories to tell and ideas to share. And if you’ve chosen to publish with Abbott Press, you’ve chosen to take control of your work. It’s not an easy road – neither is traditional publishing – but it’s a road you travel at your own pace and on your own terms.

When I post here, I’ll generally be writing about one of three things: craft, platform or the publishing industry in general. I may occasionally post an interview with a self-published author or provide a recap of a conference session that I think might be of value.

I’ll try to make this blog a source of interesting news as well. Our industry is changing quickly, and many of these changes have been a boon for authors who choose to go the self-publishing route. Let’s spend some time talking about them.

Check back here for regular updates. With luck, I’ll be able to meet some of you at a Writer’s Digest Conference, correspond via Twitter, or connect in some other way. This is a journey we’re taking together, so be sure to give me a nod when we see each other on the road.