How to use Pinterest as a Writer

How to Use Pinterest as a Writer

The last thing many writers want is another social networking platform to worry about. But, as Pinterest has found its place among top social media sites, it’s worth your time to investigate how you might use this popular online space as a resource.

Unlike most social media platforms, Pinterest is driven by imagery, not text. Users can pin images to personalized boards based on their interests and hobbies. Pinterest offers a fun, easy way for people to keep custom visual records of products they want to buy, places they want to visit, books they want to read, quotes that inspire them, etc.

With its unique visual focus, it may seem counterintuitive that Pinterest would be great for writers; however, there are many ways you can use Pinterest to your advantage throughout your work as an author — both in the creative stages and in the marketing stages.

From a creative standpoint…

Creating visual pin boards can fuel your imagination and give readers a glimpse into your creative process.

  • Visualize Your Creativity: Use Pinterest as a space to explore what the world within your writings might look like. Pinning images of a character’s prized possessions, living space and personal style can inform that character’s values and memories. In the same way, constructing the details of your novel’s setting online might expand your own understanding of the place and time you’re creating. Representing abstract details with tangible imagery can lead to writing more detailed, visually rich descriptions.
  • Do Your Research: Pinterest allows you to seek out and organize new information in a way that doesn’t feel so much like work. You might make a list of the books, authors and experts you want to read for reference. You could also collect example images of architecture, clothing styles, etc., from the time period you’re writing about.
  • Stay Motivated: Pinterest is full of inspirational quotes and motivational phrases. Use Pinterest to file away words of wisdom and insight that you can return to when writing becomes a struggle. Constantly remind yourself of why you write and what you want to accomplish.

From a marketing standpoint…

With so many people using Pinterest as a way to discover new products, ideas and interests, authors need to make it easy for their books to be a part of the conversation.

  • Make Your Book Cover Sharable: Do what you can to feature a quality image of your book cover and a “Pin It” button wherever your book is listed for sale online. This makes it easy for Pinterest users to add your book to their “Books Worth Reading” boards and can help drive traffic for sales.
  • Optimize Your Blog and Website: Add interesting, relevant images to any piece of content you publish online. If a Web page doesn’t include an image, it can’t be shared on Pinterest. Using the right visuals will make your content more sharable.
  • Showcase Your Personality and Interests: Like other social media sites, Pinterest lets you be more accessible to an audience of potential readers. It’s just one more way to connect with people through shared interests and to express the things you care about.

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