How to Use Author Materials to Promote Your Book

 Use Bookmarks to Promote Your Book

A bookstore is a cornerstone to a community; a gathering place for people and books. But, readers are increasingly purchasing books online, too. You already know it’s crucial for you to have your book available where readers shop. So, how do you effectively use promotional materials in order to reach both the brick-and-mortar shopper and the online browser?

Bookmarks, postcards and business cards are a great resource and a cost-efficient option. Why? These materials can generate interest and are versatile promotional materials that will work for both online and in-store shoppers. Here’s how:

  • These materials have all of your marketing info on display featuring your book’s title, a full-color image of your book cover, your name and book ordering information.
  • They are easy to carry and store and act as a later reference for readers to find and purchase your book.

Here are some more ideas on how to use your promotional materials and gain exposure:

  • At a book signing event give people a reason to approach your table and inquire about your book by giving away bookmarks – everyone loves free stuff!
  • Keep your business cards in your wallet for on-the-fly sales.
  • Mail postcards to current and potential readers about an upcoming author event.
  • Add your handwritten note or signature on the materials for a personal touch.
  • Pass out bookmarks at a speaking engagement or writer’s conference.
  • Confidently and quickly approach a bookstore by handing out bookmarks and inquire about securing shelf space for your book.
  • Ask your local library to add your title to their shelves and give librarians bookmarks so they can later research your title.
  • Visit grocery stores, gift shops, health clubs and department stores – they sell books, too!
  • Leave materials with tips at restaurants – you never know whose interest you’ll generate.
  • Stick bookmarks or business cards in with your monthly bills.
  • Check out relevant local charities. For example, if you wrote a book about pets, donate time to your local Humane Society, edit their newsletter, donate some books to sell or volunteer to update their social media sites once a week.
  • Include promotional materials as you reach out to the media, such as any radio, TV and newspaper employees.

How do you use book promotional materials?