Earning the Mark of Quality: James Genco’s Nonfiction Civil War Book

MOQ: Into the Tornado of War

Here at Abbott Press, we’re happy to announce our fourth title to receive the prestigious Writer’s Digest’s Mark of Quality distinction. Congratulations to avid historian and author James Genco and his book “Into the Tornado of War.”

About the Book

“Into the Tornado of War” is a thrilling nonfiction work that chronicles the Civil War through the eyes of a group of volunteer soldiers from western Michigan who join the battle against the Confederacy in America’s most brutal and Read "Into the Tornado of War"bloody war. Genco draws from hundreds of letters, diaries and memoirs to piece together the dramatic story of the Twenty-First Michigan Volunteer Infantry, tracing their movements from their first major battle at Perryville, Ky., to the forefront of one of the last major battles of the Civil War.

“‘Into the Tornado of War’ paints a picture of the realities of the war through the words of real soldiers,” said Genco. “I chose to self-publish with Abbott Press because they were able to help me bring these powerful accounts of the Civil War to life. They made what seemed to be a difficult process very easy and helped me get these stories into the American historical lexicon where they belong.”

About the Writer’s Digest Mark of Quality

WD_QualityMost books published by Abbott Press are eligible for the Writer’s Digest Mark of Quality review. During this review, manuscripts are carefully evaluated by a Writer’s Digest editor. Only titles deemed to be of exceptionally high literary merit receive the Mark of Quality. When readers see this Writer’s Digest stamp of approval on a book’s cover, they know they’re in for a good read.

See what past winners have to say about earning the Mark of Quality distinction for their books:

  • Charles Ota Heller
    Prague: My Long Journey Home
    A Memoir of Survival, Denial, and Redemption
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    “As a long time subscriber to Writer’s Digest, I was blown away to learn my memoir would be the first ever to receive its ‘Mark of Quality’ distinction,” said Heller. “My whole experience with Writer’s Digest’s Abbott Press division has been very rewarding. As someone who has published previously with a traditional publisher, I have been very pleased with the comparable level of service and professionalism they offer.”
  • Rebecca D. Elswick
    Mama’s Shoes
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    “It is such an honor to have my book recognized by the ‘Mark of Quality,’” said Elswick. “In 2003, I entered a contest in Writer’s Digest magazine that challenged readers to create an opening line to a story based on a single photo of shoes. My line was chosen as the runner-up, and it planted the seed that would eventually blossom into Mama’s Shoes.” 
  • K.C. Sherwood
    Midnight at Moonglow’s
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    “Receiving the Writer’s Digest ‘Mark of Quality’ meant everything to me, because it’s what most writers yearn for, to have your work recognized, because our books are like our babies — we put our hearts and souls into them, and when someone finally says hey, this is good, it’s indescribable,” said Sherwood.


Please join us in congratulating author James Genco! Check out his book »