Benefit from in-person book promotion

Benefit from in-person book promotion

Get to know your audience.

There’s no better way to do it than through meeting them face-to-face. Have a conversation, tell a joke or share an experience; it can make a big impact when it comes time to ask them to become a customer. Forty percent of prospected buyers actually purchased because of an in-person meeting, according to a 2011 report from AIBTM* and the MPI** Foundation

So here’s how an event, like a book signing, reading or speaking engagement, can help you:

1. Pick up some feedback.  Ask readers what interests them in your book. Ask what they like or don’t like about your writing style. This will help you connect with them even better in your next book.

2. Create some reps. Turn casual readers into booklovers invested in your cause. When they meet you, they may be inspired to pass the word of your book on to their friends.

3. Learn to market better. Glean some insights on who your audience is: how they talk, where they shop, or what their interests are. As you reevaluate your marketing plan, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to communicate more efficiently.

Choose the type of your event: local or national?

Events may be crucial for spreading your platform, but they don’t just happen on their own. Take some simple steps to make things easy on yourself: talk to local libraries and bookstores, create a short and simple speech to introduce your book, and gather materials – like posters and flyers – that can decorate your space.

Every author should hold local events. But if you want to meet a large group of highly interested readers at once, there are national events that can help your book shine. We suggest you take a look at:

1. Book festivals. Big cities, like Los Angeles, Miami and New York, often hold large events just to bring together book lovers. This November, Abbott Press will showcase authors at Miami Book Fair International.  More than 300,000 readers are expected to attend. Interested in being there?  You can hold an hour-long book signing, complete with selling space, display space and email marketing.

2. National conventions. Does your book attract an audience that already shares a common thread? Big groups, like religious, political or hobby-related organizations, often hold national conventions that could bring together that audience. At Abbott Press, authors have a chance to be featured an AARP convention, which will bring together adults 50 and over. Does your audience fall in this range? You could sign copies of your book at the event and meet them.

3. Industry events. Writing may be a solitary act, but the industry is anything but. Storytellers, publishers and editors need to rely on each other to grow, and that’s why attending an industry event, like a writer’s workshop or genre convention, can help you network with the right people to help you. Do you see your book ever becoming a movie? Abbott Press sponsors and industry event that brings together Hollywood agents. You could meet with them in person and pitch your book for movie or TV.

So, enlightened authors, have you participated in an event before? What advice can you share from your experience?


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