A Romance Reading List

A Romance Reading List

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to celebrate the romance genre and get swept away in the pages of a romance novel.

Here are just a handful of well-reviewed romance books from Abbott Press authors:


Without Thinking TwiceWithout Thinking Twice
by Nadezhda Seiler
In this contemporary romance, two Russian women on a journey to what they once thought would be a fairy tale now must wonder if they will ever attain a happy ending.
What readers are saying:
“A fun, humorous, yet moving story about relationships between men and women, who in addition to dealing with the usual trials and tribulations of marriage have to struggle with cultural differences…” Vin 


Naked IntolerancesNaked Intolerances: Flynn’s Crossing Series Book Three
by Yvonne Kohano
Newly released, this is the third book in Yvonne Kohano’s Flynn’s Crossing contemporary romance series.
What readers are saying:
“All 3 books have been great, fun reads and leave you waiting for more! I love the local setting and the characters are rich and entertaining!” KK Katz


The Life ListThe Life List
by Chrissy Anderson
Chrissy’s trendy life in suburban Northern California begins to run amuck when she meets the much younger Leo, an unexpected man who makes her question just how perfect her “perfect life” really is.
What readers are saying:
“Great book! Interesting characters, compelling plot, funny and heartbreaking. Two thumbs up!!” Eva 

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What’s your favorite romance novel?