Writing Your Future

There are two schools of thought when it comes to destiny. The first states that all is preordained and that all things happen according to a plan that cannot be changed or avoided. The other believes that fate does not exist and that our lives progress, for the most part, as directed by our own will and belief. 

As a writer in the early days of 2013, try thinking about your destiny as a combination of the two. You will get published this year. It’s unavoidable. That result is already confirmed. It’s how you get there that’s under your control. The steps are simple, and deep down you know them already.

  • First, you must believe it will happen. If you don’t, it won’t; and that’s counter to the whole “destiny” part of this equation. Non-belief is not an option.
  • Stop analyzing the bookshelves and trying to guess what genres sell the best. 
  • Stop worrying about whether or not you’re good enough. You are.
  • Stop worrying if anyone will actually want to read your story. Who cares? If you love the story, then tell it. Period.
  • Commit to writing the thing. Seriously. Not writing isn’t an option either, so put down the remote, plant your butt in a chair, and write like it’ll mean the difference between life and death. On a symbolic level, it might.
  • Rewrite the piece. Craft it. Hone it to a razor’s edge. Make it the best book you can.
  • Educate yourself. Take the steps you must to understand the book business. Learn about agents, what they want, and how to get their attention. Learn how to build an audience.
  • Figure out how you want to get published — traditional or indie. Frankly I don’t care how you do it. The deal is, you get it done. Mission accomplished.

That’s it — end of speech.

Time to stop wondering if this wonderful thing is going to happen.

Time to write like it already has.

Are you working toward publishing goals in 2013?