K.C. Sherwood Shares Her Self-Publishing Success Story

K.C. Sherwood, author of Midnight at Moonglow’s and Writer’s Digest “Mark of Quality” winner, chronicles her experiences as a first-time novelist in a captivating video interview. Earlier this year Sherwood’s debut novel was recognized with the prestigious Writer’s Digest “Mark of Quality” distinction.

“Receiving the Writer’s Digest ‘Mark of Quality’ meant everything to me, because it’s what most writers yearn for, to have your work recognized, because our books are like our babies — we put our hearts and souls into them, and when someone finally says hey, this is good, it’s indescribable,” said Sherwood.

Sherwood has had a very positive experience with self-publishing her novel, a decision that she made after receiving numerous rejections from publishers and literary agents alike. “I would tell any author who has reservations about self-publishing to throw those reservations out the window, because the publishing world has changed, and even a lot of well-known authors are choosing to self-publish. I had a wonderful experience with Abbott Press and am so very happy I went with them,” continued Sherwood.

Midnight at Moonglow’s is a charming tale that centers around twelve-year-old Casey Parker, an obsessive reader who makes up for her lack of friends with her books. Faced with the school bully and other familiar adolescent struggles, she seeks refuge at Moonglow’s, her uncle Walter’s mysterious bookshop. She discovers she can magically enter any book she reads, but there are rules and consequences that are all too real. Ultimately, Casey must decide whether to face her bully or choose to make her fantasy world her new reality.

“K.C. Sherwood created a thrilling fantasy novel that she was determined to see published,” said Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of global marketing at Author Solutions, Inc., the strategic publishing partner of Writer’s Digest. “Had she paid attention to the rejections she received from traditional publishers and agents, Midnight at Moonglow’s may still be a manuscript on her desk. We are so proud of Sherwood for taking her future as an author into her own hands and choosing to self-publish, and we encourage other authors to believe in themselves and take the same step.”

Midnight at Moonglow’s received an honorable mention in the 2011–2012 Los Angeles Book Festival and is ideal for readers aged 9 and older.

Award-winning author KC Sherwood shares her self-publishing experience.